Hot, cold, and dry fog treatment as an effective methods of cleaning death scene cleanup service prefers

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There are new methods of pest control. Specialists of death scene cleanup service use hot, cold, and dry fog to treat premises and territories.

Cold fog generators

Currently, the equipment is divided into:

  1. Industrial with a gasoline engine;
  2. Compact with an electric motor.

These methods are identical. The chemical agent is sprayed into the air with the help of pressure created in the generator. Cold fog is equal in temperature to degrees of the external microclimate. Drops of a substance with a size of 50 to 100 microns do not undergo heating, so they stay in the environment for up to 4 hours.

The effectiveness of using cold fog has been proven by research and the experience of death scene cleanup service specialists. It has positive results in the destruction of bedbugs, flies, rodents, and other parasites.

Hot fog generators

Its function is to inject a chemical into a heated gas at high speed. The mixture breaks up into droplets that immediately evaporate at the high temperature of the gas. After contact of the hot mist with the environment, condensation occurs into droplets, the size of which is 1-20 microns.

The advantage of this type of generator is the different dispersion of drops, depending on the heat and dryness or humidity of the environment. When working with cold fog, the size of the microparticles of the substance does not depend on these indicators. In addition, thanks to heating, it is possible to use chemical mixtures not only on water but also on oil bases.

Dry fog generators

They can operate on electricity or propane. They operate on the same basis as the generators described above. There is only one exception: they have a thermal nozzle. It helps turn the liquid into dry vapor sprayed with particles of 0.25-0.50 microns.

This device helps remove unpleasant odors. It is also used in pest control. The skilled crew of death scene cleanup service uses special liquids to fight parasites.

Use of generators during disinfection

The cold fog generator sprays a coarse dispersion solution, which cannot penetrate all the cracks if the room with a large number of objects. Pests often hide in cracks, so it is not always possible to destroy them immediately. Sometimes you need to call death scene cleanup service to re-treat after 2-3 weeks. Cold fog has a dampening effect on the treated object, which can be bad for electrical appliances. In addition, it does not interact well with upholstered furniture.

The hot fog generator does not have the disadvantages described above, but it needs more power. The unit is more complicated, therefore it requires professional knowledge and skills of specialists in death scene cleanup service.

Benefits of hot fog generator treatment:

  • high productivity per unit of area with low consumption of the working solution
  • saving time compared to conventional spraying
  • aerosol treatment with water-based or oil-based solutions without loss of active substance
  • a fast and efficient method of spraying the active substance
  • high performance – even in hard-to-reach places
  • penetrates the smallest cracks
  • a special technique for aerosol treatment using water-based solutions
  • high penetration depth when gassing indoors: up to 150 m when disinfecting
  • special aerosol generators for spraying acidic disinfectants

So, hot fog aerosol generators are a reliable tool for the destruction of insects, microbes, and bacteria.