How certified disaster cleaning company Highlands Ranch Colorado deals with flooded apartments

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A flooded apartment is always an unexpected and unpleasant emergency. What to do if your apartment is flooded?

  We recommend that you first take the following steps:

  • cut off the electricity to protect the residents of the apartment from electric shock or short circuit wiring;
  • if the flooding happens in your apartment, call an emergency crew of certified disaster cleaning company Highlands Ranch Colorado
  • in any case, quickly wipe the floor and try to remove furniture or carpets to minimize wetting and damage to objects.

How to dry the ceiling after flooding

If the water leaks from the neighbors’ apartment upstairs, it means that the water has passed through all the cracks in the floor, the finishing layer of plaster, and the paint on the ceiling. To dry the ceiling, use dehumidifiers which are more economical and efficient for this purpose. They are able to dry the air in the room faster and more evenly, gradually, without destroying and cracking the coatings, and remove moisture from all layers of building structures throughout the room. The skilled team of certified disaster cleaning company Highlands Ranch Colorado or other professional services will deal with this problem in the blink of an eye. Using professional equipment, they will dry the premise. Drying effectively reduces the moisture content and advances the development of the fungus, which is most important for the health of the residents.

How to dry the walls 

Flooding in an apartment often leads to damage to the wall coverings and their decoration in the rooms. How to deal with the consequences?

Water flowing along the walls leaves dirty wet leaks and stains, peels off the wallpaper, and destroys the plaster. Painted walls are covered with stains and peeled off. Restoration of walls begins with drying and removal of moisture from wall coverings and plaster.

The specialists of certified disaster cleaning company Highlands Ranch Colorado can cope with the general dehumidification of the room most economically and effectively. They will remove moisture evenly and efficiently from the entire room – from the walls, ceiling, and floor, which is especially important when flooding damages both the walls, the floor, and the ceiling. After drying the walls, they will disinfect the surfaces. Then you need to repaint the walls or re-glue the wallpaper. An air dehumidifier will also help to dry the walls faster after restoration and repair.

How to dry wooden floor and linoleum

Professional cleaning companies like certified disaster cleaning company Highlands Ranch Colorado usually dismantle water-damaged parquet, wood flooring, or laminate. After that, depending on the time spent in the water or the degree of wetting, parquet or laminate flooring is gradually and evenly dried or replaced with new ones. Concrete screed or other substrate is thoroughly dried and disinfected.

The special equipment which is used by certified disaster cleaning company Highlands Ranch Colorado or companies providing similar services will help dry the floor effectively and quickly. It will be several times faster and more economical in terms of energy consumption.

If your apartment is flooded and you need emergency assistance to remove the effects of flooding, the best solution is to consult the professionals.