How crime scene cleaners help deal with corpse odor in the apartment 

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Sometimes it happens that the elderly are left alone for various reasons. They live to their old age without any relatives or guardians and die in the apartment. Only the neighbors sound the alarm when there is a sharp, unpleasant, putrid odor that can be smelled. They call the police and the police break into the apartment, and find the already decomposing corpse of an old woman or a man in a puddle of foul-smelling biological fluid.

What to do in this situation? How to eliminate this unpleasant odor? The way out is to call crime scene cleanersThe experts will help you in your greatest time of need.

Why does this smell appear? Is it possible to get rid of it? It is known that when a person dies their cells die, but putrefactive bacteria become active, causing tissue rot, which gives such a terrible and disgusting smell.

Organic substances that have a hydrocarbon radical and bind mercury ions are oxidized by many oxidants: nitrogen oxides, peroxides, halogens, and oxygen. Hence, the method of odor control should be appropriate.

The thing is that each apartment has wooden furniture, carpets, textiles, and clothes that are difficult to handle, they are ideal absorbers of odors and moisture, and microbes and viruses settle here. Therefore, it is better to get rid of most of this property, that is to take out all things for disposal.

Do not give up!

The crime scene cleaners will do everything professionallyThey use special equipment to get rid of odor in your apartment.

You also can try to eliminate the unpleasant odor with household means.

Relatives grab everything available: powder, cleaning agents, and soap to get rid of the traces of the decaying corpse. If clothes and textiles can be thrown away and burned, the furniture must be disinfected after thorough washing. You should fill everything with a soap solution with the addition of flavors or wipe the things with a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. By the way, hydrogen peroxide is an oxidant, antiseptic, and disinfectant, it is effectively used when cleaning the apartment and eliminating the putrid odor.

In everyday life, chlorine-containing products are widely used. They are both disinfectants and antibacterial agents that kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses. However, crime scene cleaners use special solutions that deal with odor much more effectively.

The smell of chlorine absorbs the smell of corpses, but it is necessary to work in gloves and a mask with windows open. The same effect is achieved with acetic acid.

The crime scene cleaners recommend placing an open jar of vinegar essence to absorb bacteria, and viruses from the air. You also can put salt or soda on plates, because they easily absorb moisture and odors. You should periodically replace portions with new ones until the salt is clean. But this process is time-consuming and long.

Thus, if you want to eliminate unpleasant odor on your premise, call the professional crime scene cleaners and you’ll forget about your problems.