Products which mold remediation services Chattanooga TN use to effectively cope with mold

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Mold is a very familiar fungus to each of us. It’s impossible to find a person who has never encountered this problem. Mold appears as soon as the level of humidity rises in the house. Mold is so powerful that it can destroy almost everything – furniture, books, carpets, wallpapers, food, you name it. Mold spores can be everywhere, they simply float in the air around us, and as soon as they get into a favorable environment, they immediately start growing. Most people understand that mold can be dangerous and call professional mold remediation services Chattanooga TN and other services to help them sort out this problem as soon as possible.

Why does this terrible fungus appear in the commercial and private estates?

Mold appears especially often during wet and rainy seasons like autumn and early spring. Sometimes mold can turn up uninvited in winter when the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors leads to moisture condensate on windows and walls. Water, getting into small cracks penetrates deep into the walls where the fungus forms. The second reason is poor ventilation in the premises, insufficient heating, or the presence of a source of moisture. Most often it happens in the bathroom.

People who live in a high-rise building on the top floor often have to deal with mold on the walls whereas those living in the private houses turn to mold remediation services Chattanooga TN to take care of mold in the basement.

What professional treatment products do mold remediation services Chattanooga TN and other services do to effectively eliminate mold?

Here are the top products which proved to be efficient when dealing with mold.

MELLERUD. This product is made in Germany specially to eliminate mold. It comes in the form of a spray, which makes it easier to apply on surfaces. This product works thanks to active oxygen. The great advantage of it is that it does not contain chlorine, so it has no smell. Professional services like mold remediation services Chattanooga TN actively use this product because the result is visible instantly. What’s more, it penetrates deeply in the surface and retains its effect for a long time. This product can remove mold, fungus, algae, moss, damp spots, bacteria, and spores. As for the surfaces it can be applied to, they are wallpapers, plaster, masonry, tiles, wood, stone, artificial materials, and fabrics. In addition, it disinfects the surfaces and removes microorganisms.

BAGI. This product of Israeli production prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus on ceramic tiles, sinks, showers, wallpaper, and other surfaces. Specialists working for mold remediation services Chattanooga TN value this product because it’s not only efficient but also environmentally friendly. 

  1. This innovative Dutch product is irreplaceable in the fight with mold.  The foaming agent instantly destroys fungus in places where the level of humidity is high both indoors and outdoors. The product has a unique formula, mild odor and is easy to apply to places affected by mold. The foam remains on the surface for a long time, which makes the product effective for a long period of time. Professional cleaning services like mold remediation services Chattanooga TN use this product for cleaning tiles and plastered walls, suitable for marble and other natural stones, as well as for tile joints in the bathroom, shower, toilet, kitchen, sauna, pool, garage, basement, and utility rooms. It can be used to clean facades, balconies, flower pots, garden sculptures, etc.

It’s possible to get rid of mold completely only if professional services use professional products.