Security Advice for Internet Users in the Event of a Cyberattack



Criminal activity using computers or networks is included in the term “cybercrime” (called hacking). Traditional criminal acts carried out through the Internet are also included in the definition of cybercrime. A crime is called a cyber crime if it involves the use of a computer or the Internet in some way. Examples of this include hate crimes, telemarketing fraud, identity theft, and credit card account theft. In case of any الابتزاز الإلكتروني, please visit our website.



To infiltrate a target computer, hackers develop or utilise pre-made computer programmes. They are capable of entering the target computer and retrieving the information it contains. Financial gain is a common motivation for hackers. They may acquire credit card numbers and use them to move funds from other accounts to their own. In exchange for money, they threaten to reveal the stolen information, which is of essential importance, to a large corporation.

Pornography of children

Abusers all across the globe use the Internet to spread their heinous acts against children. Children’s inhibitions are lowered by the availability of pornographic material on the internet, which is easily accessible and free. People that participate in paedophilia recruit youngsters by disseminating pornographic material, and after they’ve gotten their attention, they attempt to have intercourse with them or photograph them naked in sexually suggestive poses. Pedophiles may pose as teens or youngsters of a similar age in chat rooms in order to gain the trust of children they meet.


Repeated online harassment or threatening conduct perpetrated by a cyber criminal may be classified as cyber stalking. In the Stalkers’ minds, the victim is a slave to their rule. The majority of stalkers are heartbroken lovers or ex-lovers who feel the need to torment the victim since they were unable to fulfil their hidden desires with the victim’s company in the first place. The majority of stalkers are males and the victim is female.


Unauthorized credit card purchases for real estate. Skimmers are used to steal credit card information, and restaurants, bars, and other public areas are the most often targeted. Phishing is also used to steal credit card details. Anyone requesting the user’s credit card information over the internet should be confirmed by phone first. You can visit our website in case of ابتزاز.


Sending an e-mail to someone pretending to be authentic in an effort to get them to hand over sensitive information that will be used for identity theft. The sender of the email instructs the recipient to go to a Web page where they will be prompted to enter previously stored personal data, such as passwords, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and bank account numbers.

Extortion on the net

Extorting a large sum of money from a firm by copying its private information.


Attachment of malicious software to other software. (malicious viruses, worms, Trojan Horses, Time Bombs, Logic Bombs, Rabbits, and Bacteriums)

Piracy in the software industry

Illegally copying and distributing original software or counterfeiting and distributing knockoffs is one way that software gets stolen.


There are chat rooms on IRC servers where individuals from all around the globe may meet and converse. In order to protect innocent internet users from falling prey to cyber criminals, a summary of the above-mentioned cyber-related offences should be published in prominent publications in the public interest.