How to open a cleaning business from scratch

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#1 What is cleaning

Today there are many services that make our life easier. Among them are cleaning services that help individuals and organizations with cleaning the premises. Cleaning services like mold remediation services Travis County, offer cleaning of different degree of complexity. The list of services may include:

  • Elimination of dust.
  • Washing of all surfaces.
  • Cleaning of external parts of buildings: facades, terraces, windows on high floors.
  • Cleaning furniture, plumbing, household appliances from stains, plaque, rust, soot and grease.
  • Mold remediation
  • Garbage removal.
  • Disinsection.

The sphere of cleaning services is in demand among large companies. Managers and HR departments note that maintaining cleanliness and order allows creating favorable working and leisure conditions for employees, partners, and customers. That’s why large companies regularly turn to professional cleaning companies such as mold remediation services Travis County to ensure tidiness in their offices.

Stable demand has singled out professional cleaning as a separate business niche. Such cleaning is carried out by a team of professional cleaners with special equipment.

#2 Who orders professional cleaning services

Cleaning services are often used by offices, as well as the following commercial premises:

  • Warehouses
  • Production facilities
  • Shopping centers
  • Hotels

For the daily comfort of visitors, regular cleaning services can be ordered by:

  • Hairdressing salons, SPA-salons and other spheres of the beauty industry.
  • Cafes, restaurants, canteens.
  • Photo studios, gyms.
  • Educational, financial, government institutions.

Cleaning services like mold remediation services Travis County can be provided to private individuals:

  • Apartments and rooms.
  • Houses, cottages.
  • Public areas, such as entryways.
  • Adjacent territories, yards.

#3 How to open a cleaning company

The market for cleaning services is developing rapidly, so the question of opening your own cleaning company is of interest to a considerable number of entrepreneurs. The first thing you need is a business plan. Here is what needs to be foreseen and reflected in the plan.

It is necessary to perform a number of the following procedures:

  1. Conclude an office lease agreement.
  2. Draw up a contract for the supply of cleaning products (household chemicals).
  3. Hire the staff.
  4. Draw up an agreement for the disposal of solid waste.

The success of any cleaning company, be it mold remediation services Travis County or crime scene cleaners NY, largely depends on the staff and their qualifications. It is worth considering carefully the choice of employees. In addition to basic requirements,  you will need to train staff on all special equipment and chemicals.

Another important thing is customer support. Installing CRM software and an online cleaning appointment service will help optimize the work of a cleaning company like mold remediation services Travis County. This will allow you to take orders around the clock, and not just during administrator hours. Software is the best way to organize all the data for effective company management.

Advertising campaign

Finding customers can take a lot of time, so you should solve this issue in advance. You can use several channels to attract customers, for example:

  • Printed banners and announcements.
  • Advertising in the media (magazines, newspapers, TV).
  • Contextual and targeted advertising.
  • Creation of a website and maintenance of social networks.

A website will improve the image of the cleaning service, it will be possible to offer services to large companies and international corporations. It is worth considering loyalty programs, for example, launching discount cards for regular customers. You can also offer a discount on your first order.


Thus, opening a cleaning company is a good idea for a small business. The business can have a return on investment for six months. Entering this service sector does not require large investments, but requires careful preparation like hiring qualified staff and launching an effective advertising campaign.