What happens to the body after death and how death cleanup st George can eliminate the consequences of death

death cleanup st George 

Regardless of what kind of death a person was subjected to, either natural or violent,  the body begins to decompose after about two hours. A dead organism is no longer able to support the vital activity of tissues, in turn, begin to secrete toxins as a result of partial decomposition of the protein and decarboxylation of its amino acids, which can be compared with a very strong poison. Moreover, if a person died in an apartment or a house the decomposition process is a lot faster than outside. Cleaning services providing death cleanup st George help the relative of the deceased person to eliminate the terrible consequences by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting an apartment.

The decomposition process can be described in the following steps:

  • After 2 hours, the body’s chemical reaction contributes to the formation and reproduction of putrefactive bacteria, which help to accelerate the process of tissue decay, so it’s extremely important to ensure death cleanup st George as soon as possible.
  • After about 4 hours, the walls of the vessels in the human body are no longer able to maintain elasticity. The poisonous liquid accumulates and under pressure breaks through already non-functioning tissues. There’s a risk of blood spill or urine spill. This is the most common problem death cleanup st George deals with.
  • After about 7 hours, the infection in the form of putrefactive bacteria spreads very quickly throughout the entire area of the room where the corpse is located, penetrates into the air, cracks, walls, furniture, while emitting a putrid smell. In order to eliminate  this disgusting and dangerous odor, death cleanup st George needs to thoroughly disinfect the area.
  • A day later, the body of the deceased goes through a complex transformation. The tissues become waxy and soapy and exude a fetid and corrosive smell which reminds of sweet vanilla. If you feel a sweetish taste in your throat, you need to leave the room urgently. No masks and respirators will help you. The socialists who provide death cleanup st George work only special models of gas masks because the level of protection of these masks is very high.  Such masks can even withstand chemical attacks.
  • After 2-3 days all surfaces in the room are poisoned:







Linoleum, etc.

In this case, only a complete renovation of this room is recommended.

Disinfection and ozone treatment is mandatory in the apartment after a long stay of the deceased in it.

After the process of the tissues decomposition of the corpse in the apartment, deodorization is also necessary. This is a set of measures that are aimed at destroying the putrid smell. Do not forget about the length of stay of the deceased in the apartment. If the deceased was taken away from the apartment on the same day, basic disinfection and thorough cleaning will be enough. However in cases where the body started decomposing in the apartment and the liquids began to come out even partially, deodorization is an indispensable measure.

It’s very important to turn to the professional cleaning company to take care of cleaning and disinfection after death.