Advantages and Disadvantages of Invisible Aligners


Correcting the teeth misalignment problem is not that simple, as the treatment process is quite complicated. There has been an increase in the use of invisible orthodontic aligners due to problems associated with the traditional metal braces. The Orthodontic treatment is mainly used when a person has teeth misalignment problems like crooked teeth, underbite, overbite, crowding of teeth, the gap between teeth, etc. The invisible braces have been found more effective for treating different teeth misalignment problems. Before going for the invisible braces treatment, you would definitely like to know its advantages and disadvantages. After getting a short description of the invisible orthodontic aligners, we will then look at their advantages and disadvantages.

What are invisible aligners?

Invisible aligners are the alternative for braces treatment which is used for correcting teeth misalignment and achieving teeth straightening. Invisible aligners are not easily visible and it can be removed easily which adds a lot of advantages for the users.

What is the process of creating the invisible aligners?

Initially, the teeth structure is examined by the Orthodontist during the first visit with proper X-rays. This is followed by taking the necessary digital impressions by the Orthodontist. The invisible braces are then made as per the impressions and put in the mouth.  A person then must follow the regular visits to the Orthodontist’s office where the treatment process is checked and new aligners-set are put.

What are the advantages of invisible orthodontic aligners?

  1. Cannot be easily visible

Earlier traditional braces could be easily visible while smiling and talking. The metal brackets and archwires along with it can be easily detected which makes a person feel awkward. It would make a person smile improperly and avoid talking. The aligners being transparent have made it more comfortable for the person to smile and talk openly. It also gives back the lost confidence to the person which they might have avoided due to teeth misalignment.

  1. Easily removed

It was difficult to brush the teeth and clean the braces with the traditional braces as they were fixed and cannot be removed. However, as the invisible braces can be easily removed, it made it easy to brush the teeth and clean the aligners easily. This can ensure that the teeth do not develop any plaque layer or teeth decay ensuring better oral health.

  1. It provides more comfort comparatively

Traditional braces would cause a little discomfort inside the mouth due to the brackets and archwires. However, aligners are softer that provides more comfort from inside the mouth.

  1. Faster results

Compared to the other methods of Orthodontic treatments, more advanced technology is used during the aligner treatment process. The treatment process is also designed in a pattern that gives comparatively faster results.

What re the disadvantages of invisible orthodontic aligners?

  1. Handling it carefully

One of the biggest disadvantages of the aligners is that it needs to be handling it carefully. They need to remove the invisible braces carefully and put them back again in the teeth properly. While doing this, if there is any unwanted push while removing and putting it again, there might be a possibility of change in the new position of the teeth. This can affect the treatment process for achieving proper teeth alignment. As these aligners constantly need to remove and put back again in the mouth, while doing the activities like brushing, flossing, eating, chewing, etc., it is important to take all possible care.

  1. High Cost

Compared to the other Orthodontic treatment, the cost of the clear braces is higher. During this treatment, higher technology is used which adds up to the cost of the treatment. During each of the new visits to the Orthodontist after 3 or 4 weeks, a new aligner set will be made that will incur more cost. So, the higher cost makes many people change their plans for the invisible orthodontic aligners treatment.

Although there are some disadvantages associated with the aligners treatment process, it provides great comfort during the treatment process. Here, a person must make sure that the aligners are put for at least 22 hours a day. Moreover, the comfort it gives during the treatment process is remarkable. The Orthodontic treatment process would involve duration of about 18 to 24 months period. It is very difficult to live with discomfort for such a long duration where some people might also be in their important phase of life. SDalign is a custom-made invisible brace that can give better results. So, invisible braces can work better for them ensuring an aesthetic look for them. This treatment will give a better smile with proper teeth straightening.

Expert Opinion:

Although there are some advantages and disadvantages of the invisible braces, the advantages are more and they can give proper treatment for teeth straightening. You can feel better comfort during the clear aligners treatment process.

Meta Description:

Despite few disadvantages of invisible braces, there are many advantages of these braces. Visit Sabka dentist to get quality clear braces treatment with SDalign to achieve better teeth alignment.