Get Glowing With this Advanced Fractional Bio-Infused System: Cleopatra™


Do you at any point fantasize about having immaculate shining skin with an even tone? Is it accurate to say that you are frustrated with the bundle of famous excellence brands accessible available to choose the correct item? Try not to be so confounded.

Days Group is here to help you. For all skin types, the treatment given by our Cleopatra™ image is a high-level partial bio-mixture framework, can give moment and dependable outcomes.

Numerous examinations have shown that air contamination is terrible as hazardous as openness to the blistering summer sun which is awful for the skin. Dull spots, lopsided skin tone, skin maturing (wrinkles), skin break-out issues, irritated dry skin, and numerous others are a couple of the side effects of airborne impurities.

In addition to the fact that pollution affects the wellbeing of your skin, yet your dietary propensities likewise assume a fundamental part. Dermatologists basically suggest that the utilization of green verdant vegetables and natural products assists with accomplishing wonderful skin.

At long last, to get delightful skin, they are looking for an advantageous and basic arrangement. Numerous individuals squander a great deal of cash and energy investigating common solutions for disposing of their skin issues and rejuvenate their skin. A few people who don’t have a lot of time will rely upon marked excellence items aimlessly.

In case you’re an individual who spends gigantic dollars and more hours searching for renowned magnificence things, but your skin doesn’t get the gleam you are searching for, at that point you’re presumably doing it all off-base. Also, it’s an ideal opportunity to go to Cleopatra™, a high-level partial bio-imbuement framework, for skincare treatment.

What is Cleopatra™?

Cleopatra™ is a high-level partial bio-imbuement framework that is the most recent and the best technique to revive your skin. Cleopatra™ gives skin treatment utilizing vacuum-helped shut-circuit pressure combined with cutting-edge exclusive treatment. It assists with building the transdermal conveyance component for the first bio-incitement.

The high-level bio-dynamic serum is infused profoundly into the skin by Cleopatra™, which assists with giving an unparalleled impact in the treatment of the skin. The bio-dynamic serum mixed in the Cleopatra™ comprises a mix of Exfoliation and Evacuation, Micro-diverting, Deep Dermal Infusion, and Cellular Regeneration.

Need for the Cleopatra™ treatment


Directed Lymphatic Drainage Cupping Therapy purges and eliminates bits of earth to get more splendid, better skin.

To build the viability of the accompanying treatments, lighten pressure and loosen up the muscles

A back rub focuses on the lymphatic framework to help channel synthetic substances that can cause obstructed pores, flaws, and lopsided skin tone.

Peel and Evacuate:

Shedding, Evacuation, and Infusion of Advanced BioActive Serums by means of Vacuum-Assisted Dermal Abrasion.

Concentrate and purify, delivering brilliant skin.

Uncovers, without torment, new skin light, and evening skin tone.

Passing cells, residue, and pollutions are eliminated.

To treat skin problems, Advanced Bio-Active Serums are all the while infused.


Implantation of Advanced Bio-Active Serums through miniature diverting or Vacuum Assisted Infusion.

Creative miniature channel configuration, conveying progressed bio-dynamic serums profound into the skin, expanding the creation of collagen and elastin, advancing the cycle of skin fix.

The delicate pressing factor of the fixed vacuum framework makes it conceivable to profoundly mix bio-dynamic serums that hydrate and fix special skin issues.

In a solitary treatment, every one of these cycles is completed, which suggests it is additionally an efficient one. The treatment is planned to treat all types of skin and offers extraordinary results too.


With a rough strip, this innovation has an extraordinary square head plan that can be utilized for offset shedding and departure With a joined infusion into the skin, this system completes controlled peeling and clearing.


ClearFrac™ is an exceptional partial bio-imbuement that works with various needles under a shut circuit vacuum, that triggers the dynamic microchannel. For prevalent restorative outcomes, it upgrades the dermal mixture of dynamic serums.

Driven light treatment

Driven lights help to foster a smooth appearance and wonderful skin. Redness in the skin is limited and delayed irritation is diminished. These RED, GREEN and BLUE LED lights are promptly permitted into the skin after shedding and partial bio-implantation, which gives skin fixing. It gives your skin an extra lift, accomplishing amazing skin.

The bio-dynamic implantation utilized by our Cleopatra™ – a high-level fragmentary bio-mixture framework is of four sorts.

ClearSkin – AcneProneSkin

This bio-dynamic imbuement supplies sustenance, and sound skin. It helps protect the surfaces of the skin and lifts brilliance.

HexBrite – PigmentDisorders

This is another bio-dynamic mixture that assists with limiting the cycle of melanin arrangement that adds to skin lighting. It assists with limiting the presence of old enough spots while additionally assisting with inhibiting tyrosinase and furthermore advancing cell remodel.

PrevenOx-C – PowerfulAnti-Oxidant

This serum is utilized to support the creation of collagen and elastin. It has great cell reinforcement properties that emphatically influence the surface of the skin. It is the best serum utilized in the treatment cycle for lessening aggravation and decreasing dryness. It additionally forestalls the indications of melancholy and gives the skin imperative hydration.

HydraBoost – Deep Hydration

This serum offers ultra-hydration and sustenance to the skin. This assists with actuating the involucrin and filaggrin measure. It furnishes the skin with hyaluronic corrosive that assists with improving collagen and guarantees enduring hydration.

Advantages of Cleopatra

Decreases almost negligible differences and wrinkles.

Limit pore size and helps skin fixing.

Improves skin tone, lights up dull and dry skin.

Forestall hyperpigmentation and restores your skin.

To Wind Up

Days Group is one of the main clinical stylish gear wholesalers in the UAE. The group has proficient clinical specialists to get fulfilling treatment.

Days Group means to give superb results that individuals expect and endeavor to accomplish. Not exclusively would we be able to have protected and effective items, however, we are additionally receptive to the most recent extraordinary innovation while guaranteeing unrivaled results.

We, Dansys Group, are one of the accomplices for some notable wholesalers. We require each push to assist them with seeing development openings around there. We are essentially a unique association, occupied with investigating new boondocks that motivate us.