Trends in the waste disposal

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Different countries solve the problem of waste disposal in different ways. For example, in Brazil, if you collect six bags of garbage, you get one with food. In Japan, almost all waste is recycled, and the energy from incineration is used to heat greenhouses. What other trends are there in the world?

Waste sorting at the preliminary stage

Everybody understands well why waste must be sorted. For example, medical waste disposal services Maine use professional equipment for the disposal of waste from hospitals, dental offices, medical examiners’ offices, and nursing homes. And they are trying to minimize all the risks in such a specific area as medical waste.

The sorting algorithm is the following:

  • waste is divided into hazardous and non-hazardous.
  • non-hazardous is, for example, equipment, furniture, and construction waste;
  • medical waste is considered hazardous, and medical waste disposal services Maine help deal with it.
  • non-hazardous waste is sent for recycling to special companies;
  • the rest is sorted into food and others;
  • other is divided into several categories: paper and cardboard, glass, plastic, clothing, metal;
  • according to the results of sorting, a small part of the mixed waste remains, which cannot be separated.

Some countries do not support this algorithm. For example, in China, after the allocation of hazardous waste, they sort the remaining waste into suitable and unsuitable for recycling. The technicians of medical waste disposal services Maine are scrupulous about the separation of waste.

All around the world, waste sorting begins with separating hazardous waste.

In many countries, legislation obliges citizens to sort garbage into containers of different colors and purposes.

Experts of medical waste disposal services Maine are well aware of the environmental danger that comes from improper disposal of waste. The equipment they use prevents dangerous contact of waste with the soil. In some countries, there is equipment that deals with collecting and utilizing methane, and then they use it to generate heat and electricity.

Is waste incinerated in other countries?

Ecologists around the world are sounding the alarm: the amount of free space for solid waste and medical waste landfills is rapidly decreasing. Incineration can reduce the amount of waste, but recently many countries have reсonsidered their attitude towards this method of disposal.

To minimize the risks for the environment and humans, there are strict requirements for this method of waste disposal:

  • combustion temperature must be not less than 1000 °C;
  • availability of an expensive ventilation system at the plant and its proper maintenance;
  • safe disposal of ash resulting from the combustion of waste.

TOP 3 interesting facts about waste disposal in other countries

  1. In Finland, they make dishes from crushed glass chips. One bottle is reused about 30 times.
  2. There are 4 waste incineration plants in Vienna that do not cause any harm to the environment.
  3. In Sweden and Finland, waste is transported underground. Vacuum pipes are connected to ground containers, which transfer waste directly to processing plants at a speed of 25-30 meters per second.

The best way to dispose of medical waste is to call medical waste disposal services Maine or other professional services in your area. They are qualified specialists and they use brand new equipment.

Different countries use different methods of waste disposal. But the main task for all people in the world is to protect the environment.